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Frequently Asked Questions

• Why choose Security Protective Service?

Security Protective Service aims to provide a more professional officer with better training and incident management skills than traditional security "guards". Officers of SPS are all state registered and receive far more than the minimum required training. SPS officers are often former military or law enforcement professionals who offer years of experience in the field.

• What authority and power do you have?

Pursuant to the SC Code of Laws §40-18-110, registered and licensed private security officers are granted the same authority and arrest power given to a deputy sheriff to arrest a person violating or charged with violating a criminal statute of SC on the property they are contracted to provide security for.


This can include custodial arrest for serious violations and crimes, issuing citations and summons for other offenses and traffic control and enforcement. SPS provides trained officers who are knowledgeable and cognizant of their responsabilities and authority. SPS Officers can provide appropriate response to most any situation. 

• One of your officers issued me a ticket. Is it for real?

In short, yes. It is very much "real." SPS Officers issue citations and summons into the relavent magistrates' court or traffic court depending on the violation. It is printed on a South Carolina Uniform Traffic Citation provided by the SC Department of Public Safety. These are the same tickets issued by police officers, state troopers and sheriff's deputies. You were given a written notice of a time and place to appear before the magistrate to answer the charge. Failure to do so can result in a guilty verdict by trial in absentia, or worse, a bench warrant can be issued for your arrest, on the basis of failure to appear. For legal advice and guidance, consult an attorney. 

• What to do if I'm signaled to pull over?

First off, remain calm. Don't automatically assume that you've done something wrong. Pull over to the right side of the road, as far as is practical, without creating a dangerous situation for yourself or other motorists. You may also pull into a driveway or parking lot. Put your car in park. Stay inside the car. Roll your window down. If it is dark outside, turn on your interior light. Begin to gather your drivers license and vehicle registration, but avoid any sudden or unnecessary movements. When the officer makes contact with you, calmly and politely provide your information and details of any weapons or other items in the car, but do not reach for them. You may ask the officer about the purpose of your stop, if it has not already been explained by the officer. Follow any and all instructions given to you by the officer. Not every stop will result in a ticket for a traffic offense, but it is possible for you to receive one or more citations for violations. If issued a summons, confirm with the officer the time and place to appear for court. After the officer has returned to their car and turned off the blue lights, safely return to traffic.

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