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Security Services

Security Protective Service offers a diverse range of solutions at affordable rates. We pride ourself on providing quality service that is far superior to competing private security companies.

• Patrol Services

Security Protective Service can provide uniformed or plain clothes armed patrol for client property. All of our officers are professionals trained to exercise their authority to the fullest extent of the law. Whether you need property surveillance, response to calls for service, checkpoint based security or even traffic control and enforcement. SPS can provide a solution for your property's specific needs.

• On-Site Static Security Solutions

If you are in need of a physical officer presence for peace of mind, visibility, access control, call response, checkpoint based security, or just a friendly face that is trained to handle almost any situation, SPS has what you need.

• Crime Suppression, Deterrence, and Risk Assessment

SPS can help you create a more secure environment by assessing your property for potential security risks and hazards. These can then be addressed to bolster your property's passive security presence. SPS can also design a plan for routine patrols, patrol drops and other active security measures. SPS can offer response officers to address problems, often before the police can be dispatched. Our officers will be more familiar with your business, property or community and can therefore be more aware of unusual behavior of staff or residents, the development of suspicious situations or damage to the property that an unfamiliar police officer may not recognize as being relevant. Developing a working relationship with staff and residents allows them to feel more comfortable reporting crime, since they're talking with someone they know.  Presenting a united and secure atmosphere will encourage criminals go elsewhere.

• Personal Protection

SPS can offer one or more officers to conduct a personal, close-in protection detail of a person or group. 

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